Tuesday, 22 November 2011

"Where's the star?"

Another afternoon spent attempting to get this nativity play sorted out.  We are scarily short of time.  At least, I  think we are scarily short of time and so do the staff, but the children are completely serene.  They have two weeks tomorrow.

Today's big deal was putting together the final scene.  It lasts at most two minutes.  It took well over an hour to sort out who came on after who.

"Just remember who you follow."
"But I don't follow anyone."
"No, because you are Mary and you come on first."
"Then I can't follow anyone."
"That's right.  You just have to remember."
"This is HARD."

Midway through, the child playing Joseph announced to the world at large that he probably wouldn't be here for the play and did that matter? 

"Yes, it does a bit, but don't worry, Mary can say your line."
"Oh, OK then."

Topping it off was the collective mental breakdown about where the blasted star they've been talking about throughout the whole play actually is.  I did what I've done every single other time I've been asked this question and pointed to the appropriate spot. 

"Now show me where you point when you point to the star."

Fingers randomly all over the room, in their neighbour's ear, shrieks, shouts, wails of "you're wrong," and one single tiny angel pointing in exactly the right direction.  Out of a cast of 20.

I am glad today is nearly over.

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