Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mikelmerck - Strangmont Castle

Strangmont is the only town of real note in Mikelmerck.  It was made so by the Sarathame kings as a gesture of defiance to the older powers.  To do this, they built a majestic castle (most likely with fey help).  Set high on a limestone outcropping, overlooking the Roosh, Strangmont Castle has never been successfully attacked.

The town perforce grew up around it, since Goffroi Sarathame removed all rights to market from the surrounding area.  Enclosed by long-gone city walls, Strangmont was a stronghold and a statement in one.

In the present time, while still important in Mikelmerck, Strangmont is no longer the seat of Sarathame power.  It remains an important symbol to the family, and the Progress both begins and ends here.  Although a fever of activity marks that event, for the remainder of the year, the Seneschal's duties are light.  Most of them are symbolic. 

Every evening, the Seneschal must walk the circuit of the Castle to ensure that the walls yet hold.  Long ago, a local drunkard stumbled on a gap and found his way into the network of caves beneath.  There he claimed to have found sleepers and a horn waiting to waken them.  Few believed him, but the Seneschal's nightly walk gives some credence to the tale.

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