Sunday, 6 November 2011

Mikelmerck - sheep and shapechangers

Yan, Tan, Tether, Mether, Pip, 
Azer, Sezar, Akker, Conter, Dick,
Yanadick, Tanadick, Tetherdick, Metherdick, Bumfit,
Yanabum, Tanabum, Tetherabum, Metherabum, Jigget

Exceptionally hardy, wily and stubborn, Mikelmerck sheep closely resemble the people who bred them.  In the short summer months, they roam high above in the Duchy, only returning to the lower slopes when the weather turns.  This has nothing to do with what the sheep can survive, and everything to do with the convenience of the shepherds.

Each season, the shepherds count them out and count them in.  A loss or two is to be expected, but more worrying is an increase.  It is not unknown for outsiders to hitch a ride back to inhabited Mikelmerck as a sheep.  Farmers delighted at the happy increase in their flocks learn to rue these gifts when they turn out to be shapechanged fey.

Once invited in, whether by choice or accident, the fey have a foothold.

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