Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mikelmerck - the Child's Path

Strangmont Castle is built on limestone.  Caves honeycomb the rocks beneath it and it is said that there are secret tunnels leading from the Castle to other places.

One such tunnel has been discovered, but with tragic consequences.  Some years ago, while digging the foundations of a new treasure house, soldiers uncovered a narrow passage running under the castle.  Unable to fit into this tunnel, they found a bold child and asked him to go down in their stead.  They planned to track his passage by his singing and at first all went well.  The trail lead them beyond the walls and along the banks of the Roosh, but at the boundary of Strangmont, the singing stopped.

No more was heard.  The bold child was never seen again.  Nowadays, the Child's Path is marked by a stone at the point he was last heard.  Every year, the townsfolk follow that ill-omened path asking the bold child for forgiveness.  According to Scrivener Wainwright, the ghostly voice of the  bold child can still be heard sometimes, singing and laughing below ground.  It is said that such sounds presage danger to Strangmont.

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