Sunday, 27 November 2011

Up and over

Interesting afternoon.  Less worried about the actual role than I was, although sorry for Andrew Aguecheek who is due to get duffed up by Maria early in Act 1.  It doesn't look as though their relationship will improve either.

What is reducing me to jelly is the set.  It's lovely.  Well, it's full of stuff that I'd do, so of course I'd like it.  We'll be using both Juliet boxes and a lot of levels.  Except - be still my floundering nervous system - am one of the people supposed to ascend into a Juliet box.  I am completely terrified of heights.  Changing lightbulbs is a big deal for me.  Climbing up a vertical ladder in a full length costume will be a mortal nightmare. 

Staying on the stage may be a mortal nightmare as well.  It's covered in back and white checks.  This is going to be a "learn early" job.  It was always going to be - I like getting rid of the script asap, but in this case it's really essential.  I swear I could feel myself tilting with the squares.  The director just looked benign and said "Oh yes, some people can take a while to adjust.  That's why it's down early." 

I think I'm going to need travel sickness pills.

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