Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mikelmerck - to do list

I'm liking the development here very much.  It feels like an organic setting.  Whether anyone else does is a whole other story, but the base starting point has to be something that I would like to play in.  Selfish, but there has to be a starting point, and that's mine.

I'm starting to think about what system or systems this thing should run under.  Could run under.  So far it feels "old-school" to me, but that is more a gut instinct than an informed thought.

One system I like, and have played a little is Savage Worlds.  Mikelmerck might well work for that very flexible system, which mostly comprises short chapters.  It often has a novelistic approach to storytelling and demands a lot of player interaction with considerable flexibility.  The downside is that the little I've seen of combat tends to be lethal.  It's not quite "save or die", but it comes fairly close.

This is probably a decision that can be made later.  I'm not yet at the point of writing any specific adventures.  At this stage, it's all about building the world and seeing what plot hooks and stories evolve from that.  A few things to deal with in the near future then:

The Child's Path
Boothler Samael
The Strangmont Obelisk
The Strangmont Seneschal
The Older
Scrivener Wainwright
The Roosh

I really want to start creating a map as well.

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