Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mikelmerck - Scrivener Wainwright

Mikelmerck's Customs and Places, Mikelmerck's Folk and An Introduction to Mikelmerck for the Young are often the first port of call for visitors to the Duchy.  Scrivener Wainwright's popular works, while somewhat superficial, offer a good outline of the Duchy and its history.

As a southerner coming to Mikelmerck as an outsider, his views are always interesting.  Much that he finds curious is, of course, regarded as completely normal by the Mikelmerckians themselves.  Scrivener himelf confesses to a slightly obsessive love of his adopted home.  Part of the charm of his books lies in the admission that not all the tales he hears may be strictly accurate.  The dour Mikelmerckian humour, may, he feels, have exaggerated some of the stories.

Now resident in Strangmont, Scrivener Wainwright continues to explore the Duchy.   Wearing his trademark straw hat and carrying voluminous notebooks, his small, plump figure can be found at most events of any importance.  Insatiably curious, permanently ink-stained and always courteous, he is at least tolerated almost everywhere. 

His next planned volume is Nightmares of Mikelmerck.

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  1. Feeling like the locals are exacerbating tales is exactly the sort of thing that gets scholarly types into trouble. :)