Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Pheasant interlude

Currently planning much Mikelmerckian goodness and am wondering how I can make pheasants offensive.  They're such stupid birds.  We have a couple who turn up in the garden each year.  At least, I've no idea if they're the same pair or not.  Back in the days when we had three cats, they used to sit and drool as the imbecile birds tottered about looking like badly rolled up umbrellas. 

Now we're down to one cat and she is an efficient hunter.  Very efficient, as the mouse on the bathmat this morning proved.  She's got a lot more sense than to go wasting her energy on pheasants.  They're back this year and I was watching them earlier today.  They really have no survival instincts whatever, which is quite disturbing. 

Time to restore the balance and make them a hazard to be avoided.