Sunday, 13 November 2011


We went to the christening of Fabian's son today.  It's been years since the last one - most of our friends either had their children 10 years ago, or have only just started down that route - and I'd forgotten how moving a ceremony it is.

This was a private affair, for friends and family only.  The vicar was outstandingly good at explaining the symbolism and reasoning behind the service.  As she put it very eloquently, the promises made on behalf of the child are simply to choose good over evil.

It was a privilege to be there.


  1. Sounds like a special day! Wow - bare root fruit trees - the leaves haven't even fallen off the grafted maiden apples here...

    Medlars are an oddity, you have to be bothered to do something with them... which doesn't always happen!

  2. We live a long way north :) Virtually all our leaves fell in the last week.