Friday, 11 November 2011

Mikelmerck - Sheep, the known enemy

In the world of Mikelmerck, sheep are everywhere.  For the most part, they stay up on the hills.  Up close they reveal a depth of cunning not found in other breeds.  As herd animals, they are more dangerous en masse.  Indeed a single sheep will not attempt to harm anyone.  As a flock, they can be menacing.

Sheep are immune to fear but do not attack unless provoked.  What constitutes provocation varies however.  Shepherds are constantly on the alert for what may upset the sheep - leaving aside the ever-present danger of having a shapechanged fey in their midst.  Even without such a passenger, sheep can be tricky.

Number - usually 5-20
AC 7 (12)
Save 18
Move 16
Immune to fear
HD 1d4hp (CL1)
Damage:  Bite 1d3, Trample 1d3

There is a 5% chance that any flock of sheep of more than 10 may contain a shapechanged fey.  In this case the sheep regard the shapechanger as the dominant ewe and will follow it until it is destroyed or separated from the flock.


  1. Ha! Great subversion of the usual notions about sheep.

  2. Was this inspired by the Reeth show by any chance?

  3. @ Gorrowsel - partly, but the Muker sheep dog trials come into it as well.