Sunday, 20 November 2011

Onions and sewing machines

Today's task list is charmingly domestic.

Onions must be planted before the ground becomes (a) too cold and (b) too soggy.  The second has probably already happened, but this is North Yorkshire and soggy is a way of life.  More to the point, it is also foggy, making it quite difficult to see the potential burial site. 

The onions are but the start of a many pronged attack on - I'm not sure what.  It's not self-sufficiency, that's for sure.  La famille Rev have neither the discipline nor the inclination for goat herding and chicken keeping.  I have been trying to persuade Mr Rev to let me keep a couple of sheep as lawnmowers for years, to no avail.  Likewise my pleas for bees.  He is, of course, right about both, but I keep asking like a whiney toddler.  Note to self.  Stop doing that.

Returning to the original point, the great vegetable assault is mostly part of an attempt at healthy eating with the added sense of virtue of having grown it ourselves.  Since we have a viable vegetable patch, and already grow masses of soft fruit with little to no effort, it seems silly not to try. 

The other item on my personal to-do list is the sewing machine.  This is on loan from a wonderful lady at the theatre and I've been putting off the inevitable tantrum I'll have when I find I can't thread it.  Nonetheless, the effort must be made.  The carrot is simply that I won't have to hand-sew costumes for 50 people spread over 3 shows.  The stick is that I will have hand-sew costumes for 50 if I don't get my head around it.  My fear of technology seems particularly ridiculous at this point.  And come on - a sewing machine?  How terrible can it be?

(I'm not going to talk about the last time I tried to thread a sewing machine unaided and stitched myself to my own clothes).

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  1. Surely bees would be a very viable option on Le Jardin du Rev - I'd love to try them here, but suspect that the neighbours (and the cats) might object!