Monday, 28 November 2011

A modest proposal for Mikelmerck and festive planning

From the 1st to the 24th of December, I am intending to post daily about Mikelmerck.  After my spectacular NaNo failure, I'm feeling guilty.

Also (and this counts as more important than my lifelong guilt trip) a timeline is emerging.  With timelines comes history and all the fragmentary bits are starting to fall into place.  Even more to the point, some extremely talented and helpful people have shown some interest in helping me out with this.  It would be nice if I gave them something to help out with.

On the festive planning front, I need to shop for the advent calenders.  We all have them.  They are simple cloth ones with pockets.  Into these pockets, things may go.  Mostly, it must be admitted, this consists of chocolate, but every year I hope I'll get inspired and do something different.  Hasn't happened yet mind you, but you never know.  I could write out helpful suggestions and see how well it goes down.

"On the first day of advent, I will take my socks down to the washing machine."
"On the second day of advent, I will check how much toilet paper there is in the house," and so on, culminating with
"On Christmas Eve I will not attempt to murder the person who wrote these helpful notes."

Back in the days when Woolworths existed, it was easy, if tiresome.  I simply spent an hour or so furtling through the pick n mix.  Not any more.  Now it's down to a big tin of Roses or similar and some frantic jiggling as I realise too late that there are adjacent green caramels in one of them.  I have nobody to blame but myself.  I introduced the things.  Hrmph.

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  1. Looking forward to getting more on Mikelmerck.