Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mikelmerck - The Drowned Seven

The lake of the Drowned Seven is a place of ill renown.  By day, it is true, some fishermen scoff at the old stories and pull in a good catch, but as night falls, they leave with relief.  Dawn and dusk are the most dangerous times, say the villagers.  The truly unlucky may hear the bells below the water and those that do are never quite the same.

The bells ring to waken the Drowned Seven.  As to whether their wakening is a good thing or a bad thing - much depends on who you speak to.  The priests of Cooshboth say that the Seven are angels, locked away until Mikelmerck is worthy to receive them.  Others are less optimistic. 

Regardless of who or what they are, the Drowned Seven have waited many, many centuries for their awakening.  Deep in their lake, they sometimes seem to stir a little, sending curious fish into the nets of the fisherfolk brave enough to cast there.  Sometimes too, pieces of stonework and even ancient gold have been cast up. 

Around the edges of the lake are rocks of strange sizes and shape.  According to the old tale, these are the remains of people who stayed to listen to the bells.  What is certain is that their number grows year on year.  One or two at a time, nothing to be overly worried about.

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  1. Err, Rev - forget gaming with that setup; just keep writing it, and I'll pay good money for the book!

    That's fabulous!