Saturday, 15 October 2011

Stuff I learned today

  1. How to make corsets.  Met an old friend at the much-blethered about wedding who gave me a ten minute tutorial.
  2. Dropping a walnut down your cleavage is not comfortable.
  3. Day trips to Edinburgh are possible.
  4. When writing out recipes, use a pen that works and don't do it on your knee.
  5. Even though you haven't seen some of these people in the flesh for over four years, picking up a conversation with them is pretty easy.  They'll also readily forgive you for jumping about like a loony on top of Edinburgh Castle trying to dislodge lodged walnut.


  1. I thought castle hopping while attempting to dislodge a walnut from one's decolletage was a perfectly acceptable activity for weddings in the UK...

  2. I now have a visual of every UK wedding including the arcane walnut hopping dance of celebration. If only :D