Saturday, 29 October 2011


The pseudo Yorkshire is evolving a little.  It now seems to be called Mikelmerck and is looking to have a more 18th/early 19th century base.

Mechanically, this allows for guns, but I will (probably) be ruling those out.  I'm not a huge fan of them and find firearm rulings tedious.

This is a land of small estates with a residual feudal system.  Local loyalties are strong.  Nobles are expected to take care of their tenants and can expect complaints if they don't.  Not everyone does so of course, but the general tendency is a rather stodgy conformity.

There is a church.  Cushboth of the Head is the main deity, but worship is not a matter of strong opinions.  It is simply there.  People expect their priests to provide them with proper rites for birth, death and a marriage but would much rather they stayed minding their own business at other times.  A wandering sect is evolving and they are more active.  In this widely spread rural area, not everyone can get to a place of worship, so the clerics tend to travel a lot.  The reality is that most folk will die a long way from the burial grounds and be taken after death down the Dead Man's Way.  This ancient route runs the length of Mikelmerk and has suitable stopping places all the way along it.  There is a decent living to be made from funeral parties.

Among the common folk, sheep and lead are the mainstays of life.


  1. That Dead Man's Way sounds familiar!

    There won't be clog dancing, will there ...

  2. It should be! You've walked down it often enough. Jury still out on clog dancing.

  3. By 'eck, tha's hit a goldmine, or leadmine, perhaps.

  4. misread that as DOG dancing. I think I would like dancing dogs at my funeral.

  5. Perhaps the dimensional weirdness prevents gunpowder working within the bounds of Mikelmerk.

  6. Dunno. If guns and gunpowder exist at all then the physics should work. I just don't like the faff of firearms. Just saying "it doesn't work here" seems a bit of a cop out. But no more so than saying they don't exist at all I suppose. Sigh.