Friday, 7 October 2011


I have a couple of cakes to make in the next few days.  Mr Rev's birthday cake and a cake for a dear friend who weds his partner next week in Edinburgh Castle.

The end of September sees the start of the birthday season in our primary social circle, with everyone born at one end of the year.  Our gaming group are a cheerfully social bunch, so in the past we've done a lot of celebrating with themed cakes.  My usual partner in crime for these events is hors de combat due to the recent arrival of her son, and the gaming as a whole has dropped off a little, but we continue to go to some trouble to celebrate birthdays.  Go us.

Not the right wedding cake.  This was a white chocolate monster made last year for two of the gaming group who got married to each other.  Or rather, the first of the two pairs of gaming group members who married each other.  Shutting up now.  The caption is practically longer than the post.

Sunday is Mr Rev's mumblety-mumblety birthday.  I'm being cautious about this not because he's paranoid about his age, but because I can't remember how old he is.  For that matter I mostly can't remember how old I am either without serious thought.  Anyway, the gamers are coming around on Sunday evening and we'll let him try to kill us as a treat.

The cakes in question will both be fun to make.  Mr Rev wants a toffee apple spice cake and the wedding thing is going to be the darkest of dark chocolate sloshed through with homemade plum brandy.  I need, therefore, to do some shopping.

Coxes apples - the sort that disintegrate gently on cooking
Bag of Werhter's toffees
85% dark chocolate
Edible gold leaf or similar

This is a good list.  Every item is absolutely needful and all of them look indulgent.  Well, maybe not the apples.


  1. Well hello there MS Rosey! You did something very special became my 100th follower. It may not rock your boat but it made me smile through my early morning fog. Many thanks and welcome. Your cake sounds thick and lucious.

  2. Happy to be of service :)

    I just started this blogging thing and it certainly does rock my boat to have been someone's 100th follower. I'm still at the "woah, I have just made double digits" stage.

    Both cakes should be very good. I've made them before (frequently) and they're basically feel-good on a plate.

  3. I must confess that I had to think how old I was the other day. I know now thanks to being the first in the birthday list. I do have to remind myself occasionally as to my wife's age.