Friday, 28 October 2011

NaBloWriMo (favourite author/book thing)

A prompt from about three days ago.

Who is your favorite author?  Or What is your favorite book?  Or possibly:  Do you find yourself thinking like the characters in the last book you read talk? 

Can't do a favourite author.  I have several unfailing standbys, depending on mood and inclination:

Actual authors (order is alphabetical rather than preferential)
Jane Austen
Robertson Davis
Georgette Heyer (much under-rated and a fantastic plotter and stylist)
Terry Pratchett
Diana Wynne Jones

Other stuff
Back issues of Timeform
RPG books
Maps and atlases
Butlers Guide to the Saints

Favourite book - nope.  Impossible.  Favourite bookcase, maybe.

I don't find myself thinking like the characters I've just read, which in the case of some of my unfailing standbys is just as well.


  1. Yeah, you'd be kind of a douche (as the kids) say if you were like a Robertson Davis character, although the knowledge of saints is almost there...

  2. Anyone who has lived through my rant about "The Da Vinci Code" and its many derivitives is well aware of how douchey I can be.

  3. Good call on Diana Wynne Jones! :)

  4. @Fantasy Lass - she has been a favourite author of mine for years and years and I will miss never having another installment of anything to look out for.