Monday, 31 October 2011

Farewell my lovely (October 2011)

October finishes today, and with it NaBloWriMo.

Despite my failure to post every day during the month, I did manage 47 (48 with this) posts overall, so I'm prepared to concede success to some extent.

It's been an interesting month.  I suppose they all are, but this is the first time I've had the opportunity to look back with documentation - which for me at least, has a certain novelty value.

Breaking it down into the relevant bits, here's what we get:

Drama - fairly quiet due to half term, although things are about to hot up again as classes re-start today.  The shows all seem in reasonable shape and the gates of nativity hell are about to swing open.  That alone will keep me busy until early December.  I'll just have to see how the line learning has gone. 

Dice - enforced finger hiatus has slowed all my online games, but they're picking up speed again now and I'm enjoying them a lot.  Whether the players are is another story.  Home gaming saw my first character kill, of which I am slightly proud, although sorry for the character who copped it.  Played some entertaining board games as well and there are a few more in the pipeline.

As well, of course, and near and dear to my heart, the evolution of Mikelmerck.  This has all the signs of a fun on-going project.  When working on this kind of thing, I have a white space approach - i.e. I have no idea what will be where or why until I need it to be there.  The general shape is coming along nicely with some small details.  In any case,  I can see it keeping me amused for a long time to come.

Damsons - for which read general cookery and fruit reduction as well as gardening.  Well, gardening did not happen at all.  We have some early onions and garlic to plant, but luckily they are reslient and patient and as long as they hit the ground before the heavy frosts, should be fine.

Cake played a fairly major part in the month.  Birthday cake for Mr Rev, frankly sublime dark chocolate cake for wedding and "invention" of crumble cake in the last two days.  More cake pending as the days draw in even more and the Christmas stockpile starts.

I also need to mention my own birthday cake - which I did not make.  This was a majestic creation made by a dear friend and shaped like a black dragon.  It was also delicious.  As soon as she sends me the pictures, I'll post them because it was quite simply one of the most awesome birthday cakes I've ever seen or eaten.

NaBloWriMo - the first dip into the communal blogging water.  A very positive experience.  Discovering that despite myself, I do enjoy writing is a great thing.  Discovering that I do this much better online is an amazing one.  The blogging community is extremely supportive - which is just as well as I suspect most of us are fragile in the confidence department.

Other stuff - the car crisis, the strange bug and the finger fracas all featured.  These things count as the roadbumps I think.  The unplanned and unplannable events that just happen.  Speaking of unplanned and unplannable, I've got a hugely busy month ahead of me and 50,000 words to produce by 30 November 2011.  But that's next month's problem.

Goodbye October 2011.


  1. I'd say 48 posts does warrant some patting on the back. That is a lot of posting!

    You're doing NaNoWriMo too, huh? Good luck with it!!

  2. It is a lot of posting, but there's nothing that says any of it has to be of any merit.

  3. Congrats on finishing NaBlo! IT's a lot of work and you would have easily had your 31 posts a day had you just scheduled a few of your posts to the next day!!:) Good luck with NaNo!!!