Thursday, 13 October 2011

Car crisis

Our car developed a set of alarming eccentricities this week which have finally resulted in my taking it to the vet - I mean garage - this morning.

First, it ate a CD.  Sondheim's "Assassins".  Would not give it back.  Nope.  Sullenly and absolutely refused to disgorge it.

Then the radio started changing channels for no obvious reason.  Half way through someone burbling about Mozart we'd get a swift blast of travel update from somewhere else entirely.  Most odd.

Then it decided not to start at all.  This naturally happened on piano lesson day, which meant a whole set of phone calls to explain why son and I would not be joining piano teacher in the middle of nowhere.  That was easy though - I called out the AA.  We pay the membership, it is their job to come and tell me I've done something daft and put it right.

They came.  They started the car.  They stopped starting the car because it began to make noises like a cat about to spit a hairball.  They prodded the car.  They started the car again and of course it worked perfectly.

However, that very evening, as Mr Rev was about to head out to his rehearsal, it flashed a set of previously unknown lights at us.  Scanning through the manual, we identified said light as the indicator telling us that the anti-skid system wasn't working.  Since it was tipping down and very slippery it seemed a bad plan to drive it.

This is where we were this morning, when I took it (carefully) to the garage and relayed my tale of woe.   Late this afternoon they rang back.  "It's your heating system."  "Oh, OK."  "It will need a part.  I've ordered it."  "Great."  "Should be here tomorrow."  "When?  I need to get up the Dale tomorrow and we're driving to Edinburgh tomorrow night."  "We'll do our best."

"We'll do our best" often means "forget it" in mechanic speak.

Really quite frustrated now.  I've got a wedding cake to deliver.  In Edinburgh.


  1. It's a QUEST!!! Time to roll your luck... :)

    Hope everything works out for you. I do dislike car trouble.

  2. Must have rolled a 6 :) Got a call first thing this morning from the garage. They had a cancellation and have loaned us a courtesy car.

  3. Excellent news. Well, less than excellent, but better than it was.

  4. Ah, Rev dear - you may find that the reason your radio keeps chiming in with bits of traffic information is because the traffic information system is switched on. Mine does it, if I don't switch it off!

  5. @ Yorkshire Bryn - you may be right, but I didn't ask it to turn itself on or to devour a whole CD, so I'm less than pleased.

    We just got it back from the garage and it has finally consented to release "Assassins". We'll see how it does with Baroque tidbits. It may just hate Sondheim. Which would be bad form.