Monday, 31 October 2011


To remind myself as much as anything, a quick run down of the characters in play.

Angalia - my Pathfinder Rogue.  She isn't so much a rogue as an intrepid engineer.  A dab hand a trap finding and with ace people skills, she's unfortunately a bit rubbish as a combatant.  This is more to do with my inability to roll out of single digits in a fight coupled with a great ability to roll well on skill checks.  Somehow, she's still alive and has just hit level 3.

Akahale - 4e Dark pact dragonborn warlock.  Akahale is in limbo at the moment, but when he's out and about he takes paranoia to new heights.  Unlike most dragonborn is rather small and not interested in the martial arts.  His obsession is abomination from beyond the stars - specifically how to prevent it from polluting the world.  To this end, he carries notebooks with him.  Although Akahale is convinced that he's a good and innocuous force, hardly anybody agrees.  He intimidates his foes into surrendered by bludgeoning them with bye-laws and threats to spread their sorry remains across the universe.  Often in the same sentence.  Just reached level 10.

Armand Duvallier - 4e storm sorcerer.  Level 1.  Another pc who is rolling quite, quite horribly.  His moment of glory came in a skill challenge when his one and only crit enable him to climb a tree.  Based on D'Artagnan, he has a quick temper, a firm sense of honour and and almost no sense.  He's got low everything except Charisma because sorcerers don't need much else.  Armand is great fun, but I live in terror of what he's going to say or do next.

Irivis - another warlock, this time in a Dark Sun campaign at level 1.  She is a failed revolutionary - i.e. she bottled it and left before the revolution in question happened successfully without her.  Since magic is verboten in Dark Sun campaigns, she lamed herself and uses that as an excuse to keep her rod by her at all times.  Irivis tends to the caustic and cowardly.

I'm noticing that this entire list is made up of strikers and is clearly compensation for all the leaders I have to play in live games.  The nice thing about these characters is that I never know what they're going to do or say until I hit the keyboard.  It's improvisational drama.

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