Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Half term - oh how shall I fill the hours?

Bar the casting of the nativity play on Friday, I have no rehearsals or classes for the next two weeks.  This lull should be used profitably, but I'm afraid it won't be.  Or not as profitably as it would be used if I was a better organised person.

The brain says that now is the moment to get some concrete work done.  Such as finding out how to work the sewing machine I've been loaned.  Such as making a proper business plan for the future.  Such as ordering logs for the rapidly approaching winter.  Such as continuing to empty the house.  Such as making sure son has trousers that fit.  And so on and so forth.

The heart says that most of this will, in fact happen, just not in a particularly orderly way.  I'll get distracted.  I'll find myself looking at the contents of the freezer and making piles of useful, but not needful danish pastry dough.  I'll get side-tracked by another gaming system and build myself a character or two.  I'll chat endlessly to the online friends I chat endlessly too (you know who you are).  I'll read a lot of books.   Plan a lot of shows.

I will also, of course, do a lot of game updating.  Tombs I and II are both mid-battle and I want both encounters to shift along a little.  Rune Stones have just defeated the Jeevesian cyclopes and now need to find their way into the old mines.  Lost City is just kicking off and will take some watching as I don't know their powers yet.  Plus the games I'm in, which are all chugging along.

Actually, when I think about it, I'll probably do more than I plan to do, but it will somehow feel as if I've done less.  That doesn't seem right.  A list maybe?  I just need something to convince myself that I'm not really sitting about doing nothing.

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