Thursday, 27 October 2011

Catching up part 1

There is no guarantee of a part 2.

First things first.  Mightily chuffed to receive an award (another one - who knew?) from Judie at Miss Steps and Milestones.  I am properly grateful.

There are rules, I believe - the first of which I have followed.  This is to thank the donor - easily done.  Thank you Judie for thinking of me :)

The second is that this goodie now needs to be passed on and I will get to that, I promise.  I'm still working on the last lot, but it will happen.

NaBloWriMo has been good for me.  I've been enjoying it a lot and although I have failed the post a day requirement, it is not by choice.  I refer you to the tedious finger saga for details.   It's helped crystallise some things for me as well.

Firstly - I really do like writing.  I never think I'm going to, but as it turns out, I'm wrong.  Being wrong on a daily basis will eventually change a person's mind.

Secondly - I knew this one, but it's reinforcement - I need the discipline of deadlines.  In theory, I'll maintain the daily posting rate once NaBloWriMo ends.  That may not happen.  I'm still finding themes here and they don't necessarily all belong in the same place, but we'll see.

Thirdly - I hadn't realised how obsessively sad a person could be until I'd sat for 10 minutes clicking the stats refresh button repeatedly just to see if anyone was reading this thing. 

Which reminds me, a prompt went up a couple of days ago.  I should take a look at it.

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