Monday, 10 October 2011

The Lost City - we're off

Technically, Halls has a few more posts to run, but for all mechanical purposes, we are done there.

It's time for The Lost City crew to move up to the starting gate.

Deep in the Ishmai desert, a call has gone out from the remote city-state of Ekabba.  Visions of walking giants and random attacks from other settlements have informed the Emir that something is not right.  Holding his own city is going to be all he can accomplish without help - and what better help can he call upon than a group of random adventurers?

His call has indeed been answered.  Eight brave souls have offered to help identify and dispose of his problems, and an interesting bunch they are too.

Cronin - a massive goliath cleric who believes that the way to salvation is often preceded by a firm thump on the head.
Greeg - his even more massive goliath warden friend, who isn't overly concerned about salvation, but is a curious soul with a love of knitwear.
Dram Rao - a wandering human druid, whose constant companion is large brown bear called Dirt.
Don Zaloog - a highly opportunistic human rogue, convinced he can do anything.
Nayce - a half-elf assassin.  This introspective chap is a survivor of Halls and may well be tagging along with...
Guldarin - a dwarf invoker and fellow survivor.  In my head (if not in theirs), they both decided to head south for a little warmth.  Guldarin is notoriously chatty.  No combat passes without some lengthy anecdote about his accident strewn past.  In addition, Guldarin is mildy addicted to summoning angels.
Zeric - a mysterious gnome psion.  Equipped with strange mental powers, he will be able to hide behind either of the goliaths with some ease.
Kevaras Zanorin - a drow paladin of the Raven Queen rounds off the party.  Growing bored with life as the abbot at Our Lady of Lentharna monastery, he's taken to the road again, possibly spurred on by rumours of the exciting life lead by Nayce.  Some of Nayce's more dubious powers were learned from the drow.

Eight is a big party and will require some re-arrangement of combats.  Partly because for practical purposes, they are a party of nine (have to include the bear) and that makes fitting all of them on a single map quite challenging, especially if one has to fit the monsters in as well.

They're heading into the desert any second now.  I have no idea how they'll fare, but I'm looking forward to finding out.


  1. Oh, man that looks like a fun mob :)

  2. Feel free to follow along :D

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