Sunday, 16 October 2011

Return of the heroes

Most unusually I did some tabletop DMing this evening.  It's been a long time since I did that and I'd forgotten how different it feels.  Not bad, just different.  Far more improvisational - there isn't time with 6 people looking at you to do much more than make an on the fly decision and hope it works out.

Mr Rev is running our main campaign at the moment, but he ran out of time this week, so I offered to run a delve for our paragon pcs - minus Karolina the incomprehensible bard.  Our DM for these characters stepped up to the plate as their temporary leader - an elf warlord who appeared at breakfast and greeted his long lost half-sister.

A delve in the pure form consists of 3 linked encounters of increasing difficulty.  This one is pretty much straight out of the book and will link nicely into the next cycle of adventures for the party since it involves a missing drow caravan.  There has been the usual adjustment of higher damage output and slightly lower defenses for the monsters, but so far to no very obvious effect on the party.  The first two encounters have been pretty much sluiced through, but I'm hoping that the third one will be tougher.  We'll find out next week.  I have Drider, a Mind Flayer and a couple of fairly butch drow on my team, they still have most of their dailies.  It should be close.


  1. And much fun it was. See here for my take on it.

  2. Ha! I did wonder if you would blog on the same topic :)

  3. And much fun was had by all - although I'm not sure about looking forwards to the next session, having read your blog!

  4. We shall see. You've all got plenty of powers left in the tank.