Sunday, 9 October 2011

Birthday success

I'm proud of myself this morning.  Mr Rev is happy with his presents.  I love him to bits and have done for a long, long time now, but I have to admit he's not the easiest person to buy for.  I do find that odd.  This is the man I know better than practically anyone, so present-buying should be a snap.  Right?  Wrong.  I love making and buying gifts for people.  It's something I take quite a bit of pride in and it feeds the smug earth mother lurking very close to the surface of my soul.  Oh, I do like being right.

That's the problem of course.  Mr Rev's has to be really right.  I did all the usual things.  Casual questioning, full frontal demands for lists and furtive squirrelling away of half-remembered conversations.  The results of this process were the following.

Woolly jumpers.  Well he got those early because I spotted a sale and it seemed silly to let the man freeze.  More to the point, he might have just gone out and got them himself, and I'd have felt a twit offering up gift wrapped jumpers when he was wearing one already.

iTunes vouchers.  These are duller than ditchwater in terms of imagination, but are never a bad thing to give a music nut.

Aga oven mitt.  Just one.  They turned out to be vastly expensive.  For those not in the know, an Aga is a heavenly piece of kitchen kit.  We'd craved one for years and when we bought the house here, it had one.  The trick with an Aga is that it needs special oven gloves as the ovens are huge and go back a long way.  You need not gloves, but gauntlets.

Witness the aweome power of the +3 Aga Oven Gauntlet.  Protection from fire and careless application of fingers to cake tins.  +2 to saving throws from random application of pan handles to flesh.

Ipad keyboard.  This is the bit I'm really proud of.  I asked around some technologically minded male friends and they all came up with "get a keyboard for that ipad".  So I did.  And it works.   And Mr Rev is a happy penguin today.

Not a book in sight.  That's almost unheard of.

And now to make the toffee apple spice cake in vast quantities.

The gamers are coming around this evening and we'll eat a lot, chat a lot and roll more than a few dice.  It should be a good day.

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