Thursday, 27 October 2011

Fickle Finger of Fate

Herewith the stupid and not terribly interesting story of the busted digit.

Some may recall a couple of weeks ago that our car started making interesting noises and then not working just in time for us to have a massive panic about whether we'd get to a wedding or not.  The car was fixed and we got there - and it was truly wonderful.  What I didn't mention at the time - being more concerned with making a good ganache for the cake and making sure we had transport - was that when the AA man came to make the initial diagnosis, I hurtled up the garden path and fell over.

There is nothing especially unusual about that.  People fall over all the time.  They get bruised, they get better.  I took a couple of paracetamol and ignored it.  As one does.  Coming back from the wedding, I thought my right hand still hurt a bit and ... ignored it.  As one does.

A week later, it hurt quite a lot, my index finger was starting to protest when pressure was applied to it.  It wasn't happy picking up coffee pots and kettles.  I ignored it.  Sort of.  Well, I ignored it by taking a lot of ibruprofen.  Then I found I couldn't hold books or roll dice.  That did it.  A weekend of whining about hating doctors (I do).  A weekend of (fair) patience from the family.  Ran the game on Sunday, nearly killed the party and found myself unable to do much for the rest of the day with my right hand.  Not being able to roll your dice counts as an emergency.

Monday morning - doctor.  Much chat about "ooh, maybe we could pin it."  "Umm, maybe not?  It's not out of shape, you don't think there's any point in x-raying it even, why this talk of surgery?"  "So you'd be happier if we splinted it?"  "Yup."  Done deal.  But with the proviso that I was absolutely not to use the thing in any way involving pressure for three days. 

Three days are now up.  I will splint the thing at night to stop any untoward accidents caused by rolling on it and keep taking the pills. 

I did break the rule of not typing briefly yesterday to thank the many, many people who wished me happy birthday, but otherwise I have been the perfect patient. 

Much catching up to do.

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