Friday, 23 September 2011

Weekend plans and Nativity plays.

I teach all day on Saturdays.  Tomorrow will see me sorting out a session for would be technical and backstage crew.  Then Faustus.  Experimenting with devil movement and how to decapitate someone using curtains.  After the main rehearsal, I have a session with Dr F and Mephistopheles to sort out their decidedly odd relationship.  They're both good, conscientious actors and are looking forward to it.

Back at the ranch, we have gamers over in the evening.  Tomorrow is the day we sort out the unpleasantness in the woodshed.  Possibly.  Unless it sorts us out. 

Busy day in any case, but a good one.

Sunday should be quieter, although I've just been handed three nativity plays to read and listen to for son's old primary school.  Joy of joys.  They will be mind-manglingly horrible, but one of them will probably be more performable than the others.  I have to bear in mind who I will be casting here.  This being a school nativity, it has nothing whatever to do with talent and everything to do with which year the child is in.  A child in Year 6, however hopeless and unwilling to be on stage must have a more important role than a drama-mad child in Year 4.  It's a rule.

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