Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Random Introduction

Enough with the nervously idling on the side of the blog pool.  I've given in.  This is mostly going to deal with three of the things I enjoy most, but leaving space for the odd tangental rant. 

The title may need a touch of explanation:-

Drama - is what I do for a living.  Mostly.  Not me, personally, on the whole.  I teach kids how to do it.  Mostly this is life-affirming, invigorating and all sorts of good stuff.  Other times it really is not.  Often in the space of the same five minutes.  I'm directing two productions this coming year and mentoring a student through her own first production.  All of this starts tomorrow, but the plotting and planning never stops.

Dice - refers to gaming.  As in the playing of board games and RPGs with friends.  Also the playing of RPGs online with people I don't know - although at least one has become a good and dear friend.  RPGs, for the uninitiated stands for Role Playing Games.  The idea being to be heroic and save the world from whatever your evil genius Game Master has cooked up.  To do this, you need dice.  Many of them. 

Damsons - apart from the obvious joy of alliteration, that's about cooking in general and the concern I have right now that the damson tree will be blown apart by the freakily high winds we've had today.  This is a worry because something must be done with a tree-full of damsons. 

The general theme will be what's going on with those three main things at any time.  A simple system, but mine own.  Bet it doesn't work out like that.

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