Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Moments of small triumph

Good list today.

Two possible plays surfaced for S&C summer school - a huge, huge relief.

Larder is now clear.  The discovery of a nine year old bag of dried apricots was interesting, but on the whole it was less embarrassing than it might have been.  More to the point, we now have a larder in which it is possible to see the contents - a vast improvement.

Met the new son of two of our dearest friends for the first time in a month (he's now 6 weeks old) and was boggled at how long this child is.  I'm not usually a fan of babies, but he was very civilised.  He likes Gilbert and Sullivan too, which shows good taste.

Made lasagne - which is high order comfort food in my book.  It even has vitamins and vegetables in it.

Verging on the dangerously smug here.


  1. He is quite civilised but he is quite relaxed about bodily functions.