Friday, 16 September 2011

Game on

Itigiak (my Muktuk the Hard Boiled Shaman tribute) gets his first outing tonight.  Very excited to be playing live again after lengthy break - absurdly so.  I caught myself crooning over my neglected dice earlier today and promising them the chance to send me to hideous doom very soon.

It's not true to say I've rolled no dice at all.  I have rolled quite a few, but as a PbP DM - which is not the same and indeed, nor are they the same.  My DM set sits on my desk and is entirely different to the sets I use a player.  DM dice have been doing nicely lately, rolling more crits than I've seen in a while.  Player dice were pretty rubbish last time they rolled in play.  This is fairly par for the course.  Few of my characters roll well in combat, although they have the habit of nailing skill checks.  Nothing wrong with that, of course, but just occasionally I would like to be able to hit something rather than be able to assess a magic sword at a glance.

I'm aware this is ungrateful and if I could find a way to type in a whisper, I would.  It never pays to upset your dice.

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