Friday, 9 September 2011

Utterly unrelated domestic drama

Ripping the old lino out of the upstairs bathroom at the weekend was revealing.  Revealing of the fact that the previous owner of our house had decided to replace a missing floorboard or two with highly absorbent chipboard.  Yay for good decision making.

We are taking the old bathroom out because it leaks and is stupidly organised.  The leaking being the prime factor here.  Chipboard under leaking loo does not equal anything good.  Our amazing plumber took one look when he arrived to strip out the old stuff, shook his head and announced he was bringing a joiner in tomorrow to sort that floor.  Lots of toothsucking and headshaking. 

In my head there was a vision of a bath plummeting through three floors to land on the kitchen just as I was taking a vat of boiling jam out of the oven ... 

Hey - it could have happened.

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  1. Why do people always do that? What is it with shoddy bathroom repair?