Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Plays for kids - where the hell are they all?

I've spent a large amount of time lately trying to hunt down a suitable play for a summer school next year.  This is pre-emptive.  A friend and I have started up an embryonic thing (so technical) intended to bring drama to people - and the summer school we just ran was our first venture.  It was a howling success by any standards, which is great as we've been asked to do the same thing next year.  Except that we cannot do the same thing next year.  We have to find a different play.  Something that isn't Ernie's Incredible IllucinationsErnie was tailor made for the job.  Funny, short, loads of parts, nothing that demanded too much in terms of lines.  Ideal.  Can't use it again.

At no point did this look like being an easy task.  Finding a one act play suitable for children aged between 9-14 is tricky anyway.  When you're looking for a cast of at least 25 it all gets a lot more problematic.  Then add in the fact that this play must be cast, rehearsed, costumed, lit and staged in four and a half days and the problem only gets bigger.  You know what, it's just as difficult as we thought it was going to be.  Agggh.

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  1. When I was in drama club, I was in 'the death and life of sneaky fitch' and 'you can't take it with you'. Considering the former's an American western I doubt you could get much mileage out of that one.