Sunday, 25 September 2011

Following up

I think I may have sounded too bitter about the nativity plays thing.  There is something about the process which drives me nuts though.

Typically this is the one time of year when even the least drama-oriented schools decide that performance is the right way to celebrate.  It's a golden opportunity for children to find out about the creativity and magic of live theatre by doing it themselves.  That's something I'm passionate about and it really, really gets under my skin when the stuff that's on offer is so very mundane.  It is patronising.  It assumes a lowest possible common denominator.  It is not good work.  It's often worthy work and very well meant, but it's not inspiring.  And I can't help thinking and feeling with every bone in my body that drama needs to be or there is no point whatever to doing it.

I feel very bad about disliking all these plays so much.  I want to love them.  I just can't.

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