Sunday, 18 September 2011


We have an on-going project afoot.  A long term one.  Room by room we are slowly but surely chucking stuff out.  This does go against the grain in a lot of ways as we are both pack rats from a long line of pack rats.  In my more generous moments, I put this down to coming from families who historically have spent a lot of time fleeing from other places and taking everything with them.  In my less generous ones, I think we may just be slobs.

At any rate, an odd thing is happening.  With the gradual removal of stuff that is, genuinely, rubbish, has also come a certain pride.  It actually does feel good to walk down the stairs and not see the piles of stuff waiting to go upstairs.  It feels good to see a clear hallway unencumbered by ancient cardboard boxes full of things to be taken to charity shops or to be recycled.

An old friend of ours is a de-clutterer by trade and for the first time ever, I can see the point.  Cassie might be quite proud of us.


  1. I have to confess, that it is really good to clear things out. My wife was right all along.

  2. There are definite limits, but I'm slowly being converted.

  3. You're right - I am VERY proud of you! You are obviously discovering the real joy of it - that getting rid of rubbish always reveals long-forgotten treasures... Keep up the good work... C xx