Monday, 19 September 2011

Pause for refreshment

In an attempt to quell my irritation with the wonderful world of drama failing to produce the goods (see previous post) and to distract myself from the arrival in our home of men carrying tiles and bathtubs, I'm going to kick some old school character building.

Back in the day, when dinosaurs roamed and I was young, rolling a character was dead easy.  The term is apposite.  Dead was what most characters shortly became because - well, you'll see.  In the presence of your DM, you picked up three d6s.  Then you rolled them.  What you got was your base stats in the following order:

Strength - i.e. if you had any muscles and how good they were.
Dexterity - i.e. how good you were at getting out of the way.
Constituion - i.e. how long you would survive if anything hit you.
Intelligence - i.e. if you were capable of learning more than one language or any given spell.
Wisdom - i.e. if you had the common sense to know how to interact with the world.
Charisma - i.e. if you were a charmless oaf or a beguiling cupcake.

Anyone who hasn't been through this mill of fire can have no idea of the fear with which we rolled up characters back then.  None of this point buy malarky.  Worse than that, there were all kinds of restrictions.  If you didn't have a superb basic stat array there were simply a plethora of classes and races you could never, ever be.  No casually saying "Ok, I feel like playing an elf paladin."

Personally, I prefer point buy, having sent far too many characters adventuring who would blatantly have been better off running a tea shop.  Still, it has considerable charm and now I'm tempted to try again.

Here goes:

Strength - 4
Dexterity - 11
Constitution - 10
Intelligence - 7
Wisdom - 9
Charisma - 8

Yippee.  I have a possibly crippled, rather dexterous, fairly robust, very dumb, not overly sensible person who is not particularly charming.  A natural adventurer.  Why is this chap not attending the Charles Atlas Build Up Your Muscles course before attempting to don the armour that will pull him over because he can't even stand up in it?  Bet you he wants to be a fighter.


  1. Wow. You know I say this with all affection, but that's one of the most pathetic sets I've ever seen . .

  2. That is the worst line up of stats I've ever seen... I think he or she better stay at home.

  3. It's true that even by my standards, that is a particularly dismal set.

    The thing is, I know that this character would unfailingly survive all that fate could throw at him. I'd have someone with a 15 Int, 16 Con waiting in the wings and this dude would refuse to die.

  4. Are you sure that isn't Kobold number 5 ...