Monday, 16 January 2012

Trousers. Not as simple as they look.

Despite my best efforts, the Antigone trousers are making slow progress.  The legs are simple.  The top end?  Ugh.  You have to leave enough space for anatomy.  Not hard in fact as if you do what I did (in my innocence) you end up with something that will comfortably accommodate two cast members at least.  This plainly would not do.  The poor kids would have been wallowing in unseemly yards of  fabric.  Plus, I don't have enough material for such indulgence.

I ended up cutting out a random chunk and re-stitching and now have a pair of vaguely functional trousers.  They are neither elegant nor anything a person would choose to wear, but that is the nature of costumes.  Since then I have disembowelled a pair of ancient pajama bottoms and things are going better.

Oddly enough, I have no problems with really quite difficult things - like outre robes and dresses for the damned, but plain simple trousers have been eating my life for three days.

Mikelmerck Bestiary, your turn is coming.  I have earned you.

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