Friday, 6 January 2012

Catching up

I have been a shameful laggard.  Not intentionally, to be sure, but even so, much has not been written lately.

What with the general festivities and our family trip to Cyprus, it's all been a bit busy.  Now however, the trees are down, the stockings put away and I can turn my mind to other things.  Gaming, naturally, comes to the forefront here.

To briefly update the games I'm running first:

Rune Stones has hit a road bump.  This saddens me, but was probably inevitable given that a major player has had to pull out for now.  Some games depend on certain characters for impetus and this is one.  I'm dithering about whether to call a temporary halt or not.  As it is the first game I ever ran online and has been going for over three years, I'm really reluctant to do that, but the thought is there.  New Year means reality checks.  In the end, it doesn't matter how much I love the thing if the players aren't biting and right now, they're not.

Tombs 1 and 2 on the other hand have recovered from their own slight road bumps and are both churning along nicely.  In the case of Group 1, they're neck deep in mummies.  Group 2 are advancing rapidly on the end of this section of adventure and have just met the relevant Big Bad.  He's a solo, which is usually doom to interesting fights, so I'm intrigued to know how he works out. 

Normally one of two things happens.  The Big Bad is piled with effects and demolished in very few rounds leaving the players feeling victorious, but underwhelmed.  The alternative scenario (Big Bad wipes out party in very few rounds) is equally bad.  I'm hoping for something a bit more knife-edge with lots of shifts of fortune.  Hoping.

Lost City is also doing nicely.  Having overcome the terror that was the stairwell, the party are dealing with a group of glass golems.  Thanks to Open Design's rather innovative approach to monsters, it is proving a toughish fight.  Hitting them hurts the party so they are having to think a bit about how they deal with the beasties.

Mikelmerck is due a lot of attention and should get it over the weekend.  A starting adventure is burgeoning and might conceiveably run on G+.  Many more monsters are pending, along with a couple more people and places.

Drama - the ever-present part of my life - resumes on Wednesday when Youth Theatre starts up again and we find out how many lines have been learned in the weeks off.  Costuming, props and lighting are getting closer to being nailed down in all cases.  The sewing machine beckons.

Damsons - is dependent on the weather.  So far we've had a mild winter and everything is growing.  Mind you, if I catch whatever blighter is digging up our winter onions and gnawing them, I'll turn the cat loose on it.


  1. one thing I believe is a great step for solo fights is the 3 part encounter. Damn if I could remember what webpage I found that on...let me go googling to see if I can help you with that.

  2. here you go, this is a great concept

  3. Ah yes, this is treasured reading. I have used elements of this type of design before and it works very well. Thank you very much for finding that link.