Sunday, 22 January 2012

Getting the dice out

Our potential recruits came around today.  There was much joy as piles of dice were pulled out, piled up, test-driven, rejected, re-selected and finally banished to the outer darkness.  The outer darkness in this case being the two daughters who took a huge fancy to the glittering piles and made them into an impromptu jewellery shop.  The dice were hugely popular.

Many minis reappeared as well.  "Oh, this is my one sci-fi mini.  And this needs repainting.  And these I should paint sometime."  A whole lead mountain. 

It was a fun afternoon.  You could see the old memories flooding back as ex-gamer started making fire-ball noises.  Wife and children took it well, but I don't think they're necessarily converts.  Not yet anyway.

We left in in the middle of the final battle with all to play for as attention spans were failing.  So far only the healer has been unconscious - impaled by a gigantic ambulant thorn bush - but the rest of the fey themed party are doing nicely.

The rogue is being a bit more cautious after spending the first two rounds of the introductory encounter neck deep in mud being hugged by a mud slinger.  He punctured it in short order and got out, but he's low on surges now.  Brian Fightbrain was a weak link for wilderness wandering.  He fell into huge nettle patch and got attacked by insects.  The ardent, rogue and fightbrain are (of course) the experienced players. 

For the record they are an eladrin wizard with few social skills, a drow outcast rogue, an elf ranger, and two half-elves - a battlemind and an ardent.  They are an efficent group who diced up the first encounter very neatly and wrapped up two skill challenges with some good teamwork.

We'll see how things go once we mop up the encounter - hopefully in the next week or so.

EDIT:  One final thing - I may not be able to make a fey panther sound like anything other than a very feeble cat, but I have a deft line in mud-slinger gurgling.


  1. Never! Such a thing could not be. Additions to the stalwart band of adventurers we know and love.