Friday, 27 January 2012


I have spent most of this week engulfed in curtain liner.  The result is many pairs of vaguely functional trousers.  The tops come next, but late last night, bludgeoned by an unexpected fever and reeling from my fifteenth pair of cotton trousers, I went online and looked at the recruitment forum.

Imagine if you will, my astonishment at seeing some hopeful players hunting for a DM to guide them through a short 4e adventure.  On the Paizo boards, that's a bit like finding hen's teeth.  As the publishers of Pathfinder, the bulk of the PbP games use that system. 

You can see where this is leading, of course.  I volunteered.  A couple of old lags chimed in.  Suddenly there is a six strong party wanting thrills and noble deeds.  They'll get them.  One of the players had an outstandingly cack-handed first experience so I feel honour bound to try and put that right.

The tops are on the way too.  Dye buckets may get a look in tomorrow if I can keep the sewing machine from crashing.  That part will be fun, but I'm not counting my chickens just yet.  I had to take the whole thing apart earlier today to extract some rogue lint.  Adventurers are easy meat in comparison.

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