Saturday, 7 January 2012

Tis done

I've closed the doors on Rune Stones.  I'm very proud of it, but the time has come.  It was harder to do than I'd imagined  - the game has been a major part of my life for three and a half years and 15 levels.  It taught me pretty much everything I know about online DMing, spawned some astonishing characters and events, and made me some very good friends.  I'll always remember it fondly.

The characters went from novice adventurers to world-changing heroes.  They fought off duergar, disease, gnolls, university staff, a demented libary, assorted insects, a sorceress who spouted Jacobean verse, the land, ghostly shaman, the entire nation of Kargzant, a Roach Demon, the moonlit court and a lot of vicious formorians among others.  They had love affairs, got married, had expected and unexpected children, made friends and enemies, acquired treasure, lost things and people they loved and suffered an unexpected 12 year gap during a visit to the Feywild.  Not bad going.

When one door shuts, of course, another one opens. 

I can start planning a new campaign!  Slightly tearfully though.


  1. The chalet school! Arionrhod and Vel's daughter get into scrapes.

  2. Ha! Given their parentage, I can't see either of them surviving long at school. Or more to the point, any school taking them.

  3. ......dibs on this round. >.>;

    seriously, you've got my sympathies, but you've also had probably the longest running pbp game on the site. We all know how PbP spawns dropouts and drop-ins just due to the sometimes lethargic pace. It was a great read as well, helped teach me about the game itself.

  4. It has had the longest 4e run certainly. Aubrey has a couple of games that have been running longer and so has Heathy, but it's still pretty illustrious company.