Sunday, 8 January 2012

Mikelmerck - Thurizhelm

Thurizhelm is an oddity.  Consisting of three large circles, each linked by a broad processional way, it is the ancient meeting place for the old races of Mikelmerck.

The linking paths are lined with barrows - for only the greatly honoured were buried here.  In the early days of the Duchy, before humans got the upper hand, Fey, Dawners and giants met once a year on neutral ground.  Here they held Tynwald (discussion) and renewed their agreements about land and custom.

No blood is ever to be spilled in anger at Thurizhelm.  Much treasure may lie within its barrows, but none except the truly foolhardy would dream of venturing past its defences.

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  1. "none except the truly foolhardy..."

    So a lot of adventures wind up doing it, I suppose? :)

    Good stuff.