Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sewing machines again

Sorry to bombard everyone with this ongoing saga, but I'm finding my own ineptitude both funny and frustrating.

I put out a plea for the loan of a sewing machine last night and got two immediate offers.  Wonderfully.  So I went and picked up the volunteer this afternoon.  Threaded it and bobbined it up with no trouble at all.  Felt smug.  Too soon.

The machine works just fine - except that it seems to have tension problems.  Half an hour, a ruined top and a small screwdriver later, I too had tension problems.

I'm buying my own machine.  I really can't deal with breaking another one that doesn't belong to me.

It's due to arrive on Friday.  Lay your bets now for how long the all new idiot proof machine lasts in my hands.  It was recommended by the WI, so it ought to be safe enough, but at this point I don't trust myself.

There will be an inevitable delay on the costume front.  Sorry, Antigone cast.