Monday, 9 January 2012

Let hostilities commence

Or rather, let them not commence.

With Wizards of the Coast announcing that they will be introducing 5e D&D, 4e's short and tempestuous reign comes to an end.  I'm very saddened by that as it's an edition I really enjoy playing and running.  It's the edition I learned to GM with and that gives is a special place in my heart.  I love its robustness and elegance and it does feel like D&D to me - maybe because I came to it 6 months into returning to the hobby.

All that aside, I'm interested to know what the latest baby will look like.  There is (reasonably enough) little concrete information at the moment, bar the expressed intention to ask players for input.  That will please a lot of people.  It could also lead to an unholy unplayable mess if it tries to be all things to all players.  That's not possible, so some overall design elements should hopefully get a look in as well.

Why the hostilities? In the end all RPGs boil down to rolling some dice and using a lot of imagination.  That basic fact hasn't stopped the community from leaping about and starting flamewars over trivia that passes imagination.  Change is not a welcome thing.  New stuff is good but outright change - not so much.

Can I just add a major disclaimer here?  I'm a game whore.  I'll play any system and enjoy it.  I still have preferences.  I found the 4e/3e/Pathfinder edition wars extremely tedious and mostly avoided them.  I'm not looking forward to many months of people announcing gleefully that it's all for the best and a game system I personally like is bad-wrong-fun. 

Note to self.  Stay away from threads that can't be properly answered and will only be upsetting.

Other note to self.  Sign up for playtest and try to speak up for the elements of 4e that are really, really good and I'd like to see survive into the next iteration.

Because if I do that, it might still be my game.

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