Friday, 20 January 2012

Potential new players

For various reasons, our home gaming group has been depleted lately and our live games are rather in abeyance.  In an interesting twist of fate, I went to husband's work Christmas party and discovered in passing conversation that one of his colleagues used to play D&D.  It was the work of a moment to invite him and his wife to come on a taster adventure.

Sunday is the day. 

The colleague hasn't played at all for years (but has kept his minis).  The wife not at all, but is intrigued.  One of the old guard and my husband will be on the player team to hand-hold and help out, I will run a short adventure for them.  There will be food and hopefully it will be great fun and they'll want to come back.

We will provide pre-gens based on expressed preferences and I'm sleuthing for an entertaining short adventure with lots of variety - preferably involving a dragon. 

The only problem is that I'm terrified of stuffing the whole thing up, making an embarrassing mess of it all and putting them off entirely.  It's stage fright with bells on.

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