Saturday, 17 March 2012

Twelfth Night

As one goes, the next thing rises.

This weekend - Twelfth Night get in.
Monday - Technical.
Tuesday - Dress.
Weds-Sat - run of show.

It all feels very well prepared.  Ready to unleash my lack of coordination on the general public.

Get to see costume today.  I'm assured that it is very nice - which sounds good.  I like period costume on the whole as I tend to look more human than not in it.  The real exception is Regency.  That straight down cut is great for the slender, but makes anyone with a bust look like a light-fitting.  Luckily, this production has taken the Georgian option, to match the theatre, so all the women should be fine. 

Will find out this evening.


  1. Break a leg!

    Congratulations! You have won the Versatile Blogger Award! Please stop by my blog, The Armchair Squid, to pick it up.

  2. An unusual time of the year for Twelfth Night - I'm so conditioned to seeing it around the holidays.

    1. It is our local Amdram society's tie in with the Cultural Olympiad. That is run by the RSC and means there's a kind of massive bunfight in June for participants. Ironically, I probably can't attend that as I'll be teaching.

  3. As Mr Armchair Squid said, 'break a leg'!

    A big (and very surprised) thank you for nominating my blog - though as to the truth to how versatile I am as a blogger, remains to be seen - and by a curious quirk of events, this is my second nomination!? Oh, if only I were an actor and these were Oscar nominations *sigh*... hehehe - I merely jest to cover my embarrassment.

    So, to be diplomatic, I shall combine two in one post in showing my gratitude :)

    1. I had a horrible feeling this might happen :D Ah well. It is true that I had to be rather stretchy in my interpretation of "versatile" but I took variety of style into account as well as subject matter. Does that help?