Sunday, 11 March 2012

Dress rehearsal

Despite a last second cast change (really last second, the decision was made on Thursday), the technical and dress runs for Antigone went very well.  I'll go down tomorrow to put some detail on the set and work through the lighting plot, but it looks ready for an audience.

Just as well, as it gets one tomorrow and Tuesday.

There is much to be proud of here and many firsts to celebrate.

For a lot of the cast, it's their first show in a professional environment.

It's the first time their director has directed.  She's done a beautiful job and said this afternoon that it looked the way it had appeared in her head when we first discussed her taking on this job way back last summer.

It's the first time I've mentored anyone through that process.  I really hope I haven't driven her nuts.

It's the first time I've made an entire set of costumes from scratch.  None of them have collapsed yet, although two pairs of trousers need attention due to inappropriate sitting.

It's the first time our Youth Theatre has been in a position to present a double bill of shows directed by our students for other students. 

The last is the real kicker for me.  If we can inspire our students to work to that level and enable them to do so, we might be doing something right.

Good luck to them all.


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    1. Not in our theatre :D The dressing room steps have made that one come true a few times too often. Mind you, it is 280 years old.