Monday, 26 March 2012

Slaadi and artistic rehabilitation

The slaad is much on my mind of late.  Creatures of chaos, lovers of entropy, beings with an unknown (and probably unknowable) agenda, slaadi are enjoyable nutbars.

They come in various flavours, and in the interests of finding a good image for this post, I googled them.  Hilariously, image search came up with the following as its first choice:

According to Google, this is a slaad.
Controlling my hysteria, I now present you with what I had in mind:

Actual slaadi, not actual size
There is something very beguiling about an utterly chaotic creature producing such a very random image. 

They are delightfully dangerous critters.  Part of their charm, of course, is that they look slightly daft.  Indeed, in the early days of DandD, they were regarded as a bit of a joke right up to the point that they infected you with some unspeakable disease.  Later incarnations spent quite a bit of time emphasising their horribleness despite their appearance, with successive artists working on making them menacing.  Largely succeeding as well.

This is a good trick if you can pull it off.  The immortal flumph is still waiting to become truly menacing, despite some good recent efforts.  For those unaware of this dungeon denizen, I present the original incarnation:

Flumph.  It falls on your head.
Not terribly scary.  The main danger has always been that an adventuring party is going to endanger themselves more by falling over laughing.  A more recent incarnation does somewhat better, but even so, the original is hard to shake.

Flumph you might be more worried about.
Returning to the original point of this post, one of my groups has just met a slaad.  We'll see how it goes for them.


  1. Maybe I should bestow the 'EvilDM' title upon your head? Hmm? You have all the hallmarks for a great one ;)

  2. I love me some fun slaadi in an adventure. Granted, my players feel otherwise, but having some poor PC infected with a slaad's offspring is always good for a chuckle. ;)

    And yeah, the fact that they're giant, techno-colored toads only adds to the cool in my book.

    1. I've only fairly recently had the chance to use them at all. Loving the notion that any action can be justified, but only in terms another slaad would understand.