Wednesday, 21 March 2012

And here we are at last

First night tonight.

As I've already got a bruise from climbing up a ladder and whacking my head on a projecting metal bar, I'm quite happy to forgo the traditional "break a leg".

There is no sense of foreboding, but little of excitement either.  The show feels extremely well prepared and very competent, but I have no sense of how it will play.  That sounds ungracious, given that Maria is a part I've wanted to play for years and this is a dream cast - but it isn't meant to be a criticism.

As a cast member, I'm absolutely not the best judge of what is interesting and funny and what isn't.  Particularly with a comedy.  It is notoriously hard to know what will and will not travel to the audience.

As I've mentioned before (at some length), all live performance is collaborative.  We've done all we can now, so it's time for the audience conversation to start.  From the little I've seen from the front, it is a visual treat.

With luck, will try and get some photos up later.  I haven't taken any (being a dumbo with a camera for one thing, and on and off stage like a yoyo for another), but several people have and I'm hoping they'll upload some for your delectation.

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