Friday, 23 March 2012

Minor fluff night

Bigger audience.

This was the night when just about everyone had a minor line burp.  Generally speaking, these are corrected so fast that nobody notices - including other cast members quite often.  It's an odd thing.  The line is in your mouth and one word comes out differently to the one you expect.  Frequently that wrong word is from the next sentence.  All that needs to happen is a swift transposition.

Mostly we do that on autopilot and the moment passes unnoticed except by the speaker.  The speaker is left with a slight nag of frustration and an minute break in flow.

Mine was mixing up "contemplative idiot" with "notable contempt".  Not a problem, but we nearly all had something similar.

Feedback has apparently been good.  Always nice.


  1. One of the things I like when I'm watching a play is seeing a mistake being made and then seeing how well the actor covers it up so that the audience barely notices. It makes a very good actor to be able to do that, I think :) I'm terrible at speaking in front of people, my words come out in a jumbled up mess. I wouldn't be able to hide it, I think they'd think I was playing a crazy person :)

  2. @Nikki

    I'm not a good extempore speaker, but I can work with a script.

    As far as the word-jumbling goes, the best advice is simply to slow down, allow yourself to think and then say whatever it is you're going to say. That pause will feel millenia long to you, but to your listeners, it will be barely noticeable.