Saturday, 10 March 2012

Just another normal weekend

Classes today.  This means Faustus and I really want to get the ambush scene sorted out for good and all.

Also got some of the Malfi cast coming in to work on a couple of specific scenes.

Antigone is built and looks great.  Now it just needs some paintwork applies - which I'll deal with today as well.

9am tomorrow sees the Antigone crew sorting out the technical elements - i.e the background projections (sample below) and the sound and light cues.  10am cast arrives and we test out costumes and makeup under said lights and they get their dress rehearsal.

2pm tomorrow I attend a Twelfth Night run.

When that finishes, need to finalise any costume issues at home.

Quite looking forward to all this.  It feels productive.


  1. Amanda, I was wondering, is there a limit to how old a person can be if they wished to take up acting?

    1. Professionally or as an amateur?

      There's no upper limit for either, particularly for men, but the competition for drama schools is pretty fierce.

      What did you have in mind?

  2. I've done some tv/film work as a 'supporting artiste' (as they are called now) - in other words, an extra. Just registered with Mad Dog Casting in London, but was wondering what was available to someone such as I, if I wanted to progress a bit further?

    I used to be with Bobby's & Blaggers (their spelling, not mine), and it was all uniformed stuff: Military, Police and Armed Police, for the likes of Dr. Who, Casualty, A Mind to Kill, Pobl Y Cwm, and the odd film (if you ever get to see 'Outlaw' with Sean Bean and Bob Hoskins, the gun battle in the woods at the end involves me, as a Police Marksman, shooting the guy with the dreadlocks as he steps into the open and surrenders *boo! hiss!*.

    Basically, I'm just looking to improve my chances of gaining more work. I know th Welsh College of Drama charge a whopping £9,000 per year to do the Actors BA course, but to be honest, I'd crap myself during the auditions and I can't sing to save my life.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply :)


    1. Well, you might consider applying to get the auditioning experience if nothing else.

      As far as picking up experience goes and building a CV, you could do worse than find a decent amateur group and doing stuff with them. It all mounts up and will give you a widish range of things to do (hopefully, unless you get trapped in the sort of group that only does Agatha Christie and merry bedroom farces - in which case, find another group).

      I really wish there was something like the National Youth Theatre for adults. Or for that matter drama classes for adults. I'd go to them like a shot.

  3. Well, thanks for replying. It's a toughie for sure. I recall one of the producers saying to a young, freshly graduated actor, 'If you want to be taken seriously, don't do extra work.'

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't, it would seem.